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July 2021 – Got lemons? Make lemonade!

Hi Everyone!

Has the past 15 months seemed like somebody has given you lemons? Perhaps it’s time to adjust our thinking:

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

When life gives you lemons, sell them and buy a pineapple.

When life gives you lemons, learn to juggle.

When life gives you lemons, sell them on ebay.

When life gives you lemons, say “cool, what else you got?”

When life gives you lemons, make a lemon merinque pie!

There are times when it is good to sit back and just observe what is going on around us—be observers and not players. That’s when we may see the Lord doing His thing instead of us constantly striving to do our thing. The Lord is sovereign and does what He wants, when He wants, with whomever He chooses. He may even send lemons! Month after month we witness the sovereignty of God in different nations with different people. The nation of Myanmar, specifically Love Children Home, is a good example. They have been given a bunch of lemons but are dealing with them well.


A young orphan on new computer.

Like the rest of the world, Myanmar has suffered and continues to struggle through the pandemic. They have been on lockdown for over one year. Most of the population live from day to day. Therefore, if they don’t work, they have very little food. Very little food is produced as well. So, prices have begun to sky-rocket. In addition, this nation is going through a political crisis. It has not been resolved as of the printing of this newsletter. Yet the Lord continues to take care of the orphan children, the widows, and leaders we are connected with in Myanmar.

Food is an issue but not an emergency. They are able to obtain enough for the main orphanage and also help the satellite ones. The children have not been in school for close to two years. The leaders have organized classes for them on their orphanage campuses. They continue to study and learn daily. Thanks to the generosity of many, the orphans also have received computers to help them with their studies. One of the leaders asked for help purchasing computers recently, and the response was overwhelming. They not only purchased computers for their campus but had enough left over to supply other orphanages with computers. Yesterday, we received a large donation designated for more computers and will forward it in the coming week. These are just a few examples of how the Lord chooses to exercise His sovereignty, when He wants, with whomever!


And while you’re praying, throw in a few prayers for our friends in Myanmar who are still suffering because of the political situation there. The orphans and staff are doing fine but still isolated from all outside activity. Food and supplies are scarce. And sending help is very difficult but not impossible.

Orphan children studying with computers on campus and not in schools.

Other Nations

In Nepal the Lord continues to provide food, clothing, medicine, and fresh water for kids on the street and the poor in the slums and remote villages. In the Andaman Islands He has provided for a Bible school in addition to the monthly support for over 125 orphans.

In the West Bank of Israel, He is helping provide equipment for our friends to teach the Word of God throughout their region. In Kenya pastors and children’s leaders are being taught using Zoom technology during two and three-day conferences. In Venezuela He is providing chairs for a church meeting on the street. Isn’t God good? Lemons don’t stop Him.

New computers for the orphans.
Observe, share, and learn quickly.
Older orphans making lemonade and learning.
The computer class for young orphans.


And so are you for providing prayers, funds, and encouragement during a most difficult time. Please don’t stop now. Continue to pray. It is the foundation for all that takes place in our ministry.

Grateful for you,

Dennis and Robin


Food For Thought

“Your tender care and kindness leave no one forgotten, not a man nor even a mouse. O God, how extravagant is your cherishing love!” Psalm 36:7 Passion Translation

Look at some of the words in this verse. Tender, care, kindness, extravagant, cherishing, love. That’s our God, our Father! He directs all that and more at us.


Prayer Requests

You can be an important part of our ministry by praying for us. Prayer is a weapon of warfare and we covet your prayers. If you would like us to pray for you, e-mail your prayer requests to us. Please pray for the following:

  • Pray for your pastors.

  • Pray for the pandemic to stop.

  • Pray for our government leaders.

  • Pray for our family.

  • Pray for many who we know are suffering from serious illnesses.


Give Online

Help reach orphans, widows, and pastors in remote areas of the world.


Dennis and Robin Nonnemacher PO Box 12467 Green Bay, WI 54307 1-765-589-3689

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