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The Peace Sowing and Reaping

Dear Friends,

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the smells, food, decoration, music, traditions, and gift giving. Every Christmas, Going Global Inc. will come alongside our ministry partners to find ways to give gifts, share the Gospel, and celebrate Christmas. This year was an opportunity to be strategic with the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected how we are able to minister.

We are thrilled to announce our Christmas 2020 plan. This Christmas we are giving $5 to provide a gift and a meal to orphans, children, and widows in five different countries. Here is our plan:

Nepal – Each year we purchase blankets, shoes and knit caps for the children and widows who live on the streets of Kathmandu and remote villages. Just $5 will purchase a blanket or shoes and knit cap. A Christmas meal will be given to the street children and widows.

Myanmar – The network of orphanages we serve includes 13 different locations, with more than 500 orphans. Each orphanage is going to throw a huge Christmas party, complete with a gift and meal for each child.

Andaman – This Christmas our partner in the Andaman Islands will provide Christmas gifts to the children we care for at Love Children's Home, widows, a mobile Christmas outreach where thousands will hear the message of Jesus, and a special Christmas broadcast to the islands that will reach 1,000,000 people with the gospel.

Vietnam – We partner with a church in the North, where outreach happens to the poor. We will provide a Christmas meal and gift through our partner in Vietnam.

Kenya – One of the highlights this year has been the house church movement in Kenya. While things have been locked down, the house churches are thriving. We will provide Christmas meals and gifts for those that are in these congregations.

I had been praying about my kids participating in this effort. They each have a little bit of money in their piggy bank, and usually it’ll be used to get something they have their eye on. God spoke to me in a still small voice, that I should lead my family to each give $5 this Christmas project, and that we were to do it with “Kingdom Thinking”. I didn’t just want to tell the kids to reach into their wallet and send $5 oversees, but instead wanted to create the space for faith to be built in our lives. So I began to pray and ask God for wisdom. What happened the next day was amazing.

We were driving to school, listening to a sermon from Pastor Peter Haas at Substance Church on the principles of sowing and reaping. Ten minutes into the message, Pastor Peter said, “God makes the impossible possible when you seed your faith.” Instantly, I hit pause on the podcast, and God impressed on my heart that the “Kingdom Thinking” I was to lead my family into was the principals of sowing and reaping.

The kids and I took the next 5 minutes of our drive to talk about sowing a $5 seed to orphans and widows this Christmas. That we had the opportunity to share God’s love with those in need and the joy of seeing in the impossible become possible by planting seeds of faith. They all lit up with excitement to give!

We have seen a tenfold return in December! God has been speaking to me for the past couple months about sowing and reaping. The word has given so much hope, and God has demonstrated His ability to bring life in many ways. Every seed we plant has a harvest!

Would you consider joining with us this Christmas by sowing a seed of faith? As you do, let’s join together in faith to see the impossible become possible in your life!

Merry Christmas,

Bob Gustafson



James 5:16 declares, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” Your intercession for Going Global Inc. and our family is powerful. How you can pray for us:

  • Pray for Kenya, we have heard that many people don’t even have one meal a day.

  • Pray for Paul in Nepal, he has been traveling into the mountains to share Jesus in very remote areas. People here are disparate for a touch from heaven.

  • Pray for the future that God has for every orphan we minister to.

  • Pray for me and my family, that we’d experience God’s continued work our lives.


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