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Meeting With Our Global Partners

Each of the men and women we work with have common culture and values, which is wonderful to work with and inspiring to be part of. They are humble, kind, caring, joyful, full of the love of God, and have incredible faith.

Conversation was filled opportunities, challenges, success, and ideas. While things have been challenging due to Covid-19 around the globe, we can say that those we work with in Myanmar, The Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Kenya, Cuba, Israel, Vietnam, and Nepal are faithfully following God’s lead to make a difference. Stories were shared of increased boldness in evangelism, avoiding danger by making midnight travels to feed the very poor in slum areas, and how children are still receiving education with schools being closed down.

I was especially blessed by the report Peter gave about Love Children Home in Myanmar. He was full of faith, positivity, and assurance that God has provided in every way and that God will continue to provide. He cares for hundreds of orphans, and a network of ministries throughout Myanmar. His faith and leadership in inspiring.

Thanks for your generosity. Your giving is making a difference in lives all around the globe.



Education is a key component to the care of orphans in the countries that we work. At Love Children Home in Myanmar, great care is taken to ensure that the children are given every opportunity to grow. The leadership identifies needs such as tutors, advanced programs for gifted students, and athletics. Disciple Bible College and Seminary was also started, where we see many of the orphans go to earn Bachelor degrees in Theology.

We are blessed to have joined with some of the finest leaders in these remote areas. Innovation has been taking place during the Covid-19 quarantine, to ensure that the children continue to develop and grow in their studies.



James 5:16 declares, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” Your intercession for Going Global Inc. and our family is powerful. If you have a prayer need, I would love to know. Please take a moment to fill out the prayer section on the card and send it back in the mail. I will take time to pray for you. How you can pray for us:

  • Pray for the safety of some partners that are under persecution for being Christians.

  • Pray for the your pastors as they begin to reopen church doors.

  • Pray for the future that God has for every orphan we minister to.

  • Pray for me and my family, that we’d experience God’s continued work in our lives.



My role with Going Global Inc. is possible because of those that catch the vision, then give and pray. Would you pray about joining with me with both prayer and financial support as together we reach the lost.


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