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A Revival Generation

Did you know that we are living in a revival generation? In fact, we are living in the greatest revival generation that has ever existed since Jesus. For the past 2,020 years more people have become Christians in the last 40 years than previous 1,980 years combined. That is a reason to get excited! We are living in a time where we see a great opportunity of non-Christians coming to faith in Jesus.

Going Global Inc. has come alongside indigenous leaders who have a heart for their country’s people. We are committed to feed, clothe, and shelter orphans and widows, and train pastors in overseas countries. Your giving is having a powerful E-ROI (Eternal Return On Investment). Here is one story of the impact you have been part of.

Going Global Inc. has worked with Love Children’s Home for 25 years. Love Children's Home was founded by a couple who love God, Peter Za Hlun Thang and his wife Rebecca Sun Zing, in 1995 with 20 children under a tiny bamboo hut built on a land they rented in Yangon, Myanmar. Although food and resources were scarce, the orphanage was birthed in unwavering love. Thus came the name: LOVE Children's Home.

For years, LCH struggled to provide for the growing orphanage. The children survived off of scraps at the local street markets and poor-quality rice. At one point, the leaders of the orphanage, Peter Thang and his wife sold their wedding rings to buy food for the children and to be able to continue the ministry. They made a vow that they will not make or buy new wedding rings and decided to make the Lord Jesus Christ as the center of their marriage, as a representative of the ring. The Lord has blessed the ministry manyfold since that time.

Love Children’s Home has grown rapidly over the years. Since the start of the orphanage in 1995, Peter and Rebecca have seen over 100 of their children grow up, finish school, and move on to start their adult lives. Today, LCH has birthed 14 network orphanages across the nation of Myanmar that collectively care for 500+ children. Orphans are accepted from all different regions and backgrounds. Since the very beginning, the vision for the children remains the same: “they may have life, and have it abundantly”. These orphanages are also church plants where people are coming to know Jesus, medical clinics that bind up wounds, micro-businesses with occupational opportunity, and education from elementary all the way to college.

Disciple Bible College & Seminary was started on the LCH campus with the mission to “Win the lost, make disciples of Christ, and raise up new leaders to multiply churches.” These students graduate with bachelor degrees in theology, and have received a foundation in ministry and leadership principles that will serve the church in Myanmar.

You are making a difference all around the globe. Everyday there is hope and healing going out in places that you have given towards and prayed for. I want to take a moment to say thank you!

With much gratitude,

Bob Gustafson



James 5:16 declares, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” Your intercession for Going Global Inc. and our family is powerful. How you can pray for us:

  • Paul in Nepal is asking for prayer for a a man he ministers to who has leprosy.

  • More than 36 people died because of a landslide in Nepal. We work with pastors and churches in this remote area, please be praying for them.

  • Pray for the future that God has for every orphan we minister to.

  • Pray for me and my family, that we’d experience God’s continued work our lives.



We are beginning a prayer connection on the third Thursday of each month. Send a text message to 31996 and write GOINGGLOBALINC to receive more info. You can send prayer requests to as well.


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